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We are a professional supply chain management company with over 11 years cognate experience in the warehousing, management and distribution of pharmaceutical, non-pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer good (FMCG) to designated delivery points across the thirty-six (36) states of the Federation and FCT.

1. Warehousing Management:

With seven (7) strategically aligned pharma-graded warehouses located in Abuja, Jos, Kano. Lagos and Port-Harcourt, we support our clients and partners to achieve efficiency in order fulfilment, safekeeping of stock and complement the chain of production by breaking-bulk, branding and packaging using best warehousing practices.

Our warehousing operations encompass:

•   Inbound receipt of shipment,
•   Meticulous organisation and allotment of pallet spaces,
•   Storage of commodities into temperature-controlled, cold chain or ambient as might be required.
•   Inventory management using M-supply application software,
•   Effective housekeeping, bulk-breaking and packaging of commodities
•   Outbound arrangements and dispatches.

2. Distribution Services:

We are a major player in the distribution of pharmaceuticals, non-pharmaceuticals, and fast-moving consumers goods in Nigeria. With an array of fleet from 2tons – 30tons, and network across the federation, we help our clients and partners achieve speed, efficiency, and competitive advantage in the distribution of commodities to assigned locations. We proficiently connect the distribution dots by doing the following:

•   Long-haul distribution of non-cold and cold chain commodities.
•   Last mile distribution of non-cold and cold chain commodities.
•   Haulage services
•   Effective route optimization planning
•   Enhance supply chain visibility through tracking and dissemination of GPRS Coordinate of trucks.
•   Provision of real-time delivery information via the administration of an electronic proof of delivery (e-POD).
•   Service coverage of the following disease areas viz – HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Reproductive Health, and Vaccines distribution.

3. Cold Chain Warehousing:

We understand that certain commodities require special handling. To this end, we have carefully installed a ‘Walk-in Cold Room’ to meet the growing demands of clients and partners for this service. Given the compartmentalized storage area, our clients and partners enjoy the following service packages:

•   Cold chain storage (20 to 80 Celsius)
•   Frozen storage (-150 to -250 Celsius)

In the warehouse, commodities are stored under three (3) defined categories namely, Temperature- controlled, Cold chain and Ambient depending on the nature of items and client’s preferences. The temperature-controlled and cold chain warehousing ensure that items are stored within appropriate temperature requirements and monitored regularly to avoid excursion.


4. Dependable Fleet:

Our clients and partners rely on us to achieve their trucking needs. For this reason, we have put in place a fleet maintenance management system that facilitates routine servicing, replacement servicing, vehicle health checks and other related truck assessment exercises. This ensures that trucks deployed for activity are dependable and guarantees delivery of commodities with defined timelines.