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With our headquarters in Abuja – Nigeria, we have established a network of operations offices in Lagos, Kano, Jos, and Asaba to allow our quality services to be available throughout the country.

The nature of businesses in the global arena encourages both specialization and diversification. As a company and seasoned supply chain management solutions provider, we can handle any size and kind of project given to us. The services we offer are as follows:

1. Procurement Outsourcing:

The goal of this service is to help our clients leverage economies of scale and improve the execution and control of non-core purchasing tasks via a transparent and competitive process. We strive to reduce the total cost of ownership and the risks associated with procurement execution. We employ appropriate strategies to procure stocked items that require a periodic replenishment mechanism, one-off items and also products/services that are engineered-to-order or require project procurement management. By working with us our clients are able to leverage economies of scale and also benefit from our expertise in lead-time reduction.

2. Warehousing Management:

The warehousing service is an integrated materials management solution that can be tailored to our clients’ unique needs. We do not only store products, but facilitate through to enable integration with your procurement and distribution business processes. We will ensure good storage practice covering training, SOPs implementation, and inventory management. We guaranty the safety of items, efficient space utilization and storage conditions best suited to the various commodities being managed. We can either provide a warehouse location or assist in managing an existing location on behalf of our clients.

Our strategically placed network of warehouses and distribution centers situated in Abuja, Jos, Benin-City, Kano, and Lagos States combine the unique features of a standard warehouse tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our warehouses are well ventilated, spacious and neat. The warehouses are installed with all the amenities that keep the intrinsic value of the goods intact and facilitate a quick dispatch system.

These warehouses are properly manned by the warehouse personnel, who ensure that the goods are stored as per their storage requirements. They also ensure that the goods do not get damaged from any temperature variations. Inventory accuracy is maintained using stock take procedures and cycle counts while shelf-life tracking system coupled with the strict adherence to a first-expire-first-out system is in place to minimize waste. Our warehouses are fully racked with products arranged to show their manufacture and expiry dates.

3. Distribution:

The scope of this service covers order fulfillment, reverses logistics and transportation management. We understand that one solution does not fit all clients when it comes to logistics and distribution services. We therefore work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their distribution need, the products they wish to distribute, the terrain in which they will be operating and the type of customers they wish to serve. Results of our distribution service include reliability improvement, increased product availability, and optimized supply chain delivery speed.

4. Training and Human Capital Development:

We empower people to add value to the supply chains they manage. Using high impact training methods, we improve both technical and behavioral competencies of your staff. This service includes training needs assessment, curriculum development and coaching. We offer both class room and on the job trainings. We also offer standard training modules from international supply chain institutions.

5. Supply Chain Management Systems:

We help design robust and flexible supply chains. We use a structured approach to obtain design requirements for your supply chain and engineer your supply chain to meet your strategic goals. This includes the setting up a logistics network, systems development and process improvement. We also assist with best practice implementation and continuous improvement initiatives.